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Available Mascot 7

Posted in cartoony, mascots, signs with tags , on April 30, 2010 by theoedmands

Look at this guy here! He’s so ready to sell your products! He’s even got his own sign ready to use. Just ask him and he’ll be ready. Complete mascot in one package!

Sherrod The Whistling Octopus

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Happy Rolling Cowboy

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Rolling along, nothing to do

I’m a happy rolling cowboy.

Hurling the dark clouds out of the sky,

Keeping the heavens blue.


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Alejandra, Julian, Nursing At Pho Hung. Sunday, April 18

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Fishing With The Eye Of God

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Schwa Schooby Schwa

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Balloon Girl

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Guiscard And Bailiwick: Advice

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Guiscard And Bailiwick: Secret

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