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The Angler Fish

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Sherrod The Whistling Octopus

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El Squid

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Octopus + a short note

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A brief not on all of the drawings so far:

Even though I’ve only been posting one drawing per day doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve been drawing one per day as well. Every drawing that I’ve posted so far has been a new drawing — as in done this week– but I’ve been trying to actually draw more than one per day in order to stay ahead of schedule. I totally forsee days within the next few months in which I won’t have a single moment to fit in a drawing but I still want something to post so I’m trying to work up to the point where I’m at least a week or so ahead in my drawings from when I’m posting. This drawing of an octopus, for instance, was drawn on Thursday even though I’m counting it as Saturday’s drawing. Anyone with a daily newspaper comic strip has to keep up this sort of schedule in order to account for editing and printing time and likewise I don’t want to have to post my drawings at 1AM every night just because I can barely keep up with my own schedule. I hope that no one considers this cheating (technically I never specified when I would actually draw these drawings) but for the sake of full disclosure I might as well mention this. Likewise, if I’m ever cornered into posting an actually old drawing, I’ll probably mention that as well.

Check out my fancy new Squid Hat, ladies!

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